Founding and objectives

Creation and objectives of the Psychopedagogical Service

Faced with the situation in the haemophilia world environment and their implications in Guipúzcoa, the Directive Meeting of the Haemophila Association of Guipuzcoana thought about the necessity to work together with a professional that assists the difficulties that were arising in the census. A special meeting was called, in which the new plan to follow in the association was presented and it was decided, unanimously, to create in 1995 the Socio-Psychopedagogic Service. From the creation of the Service, there was an office set up in the Hospital Donostia. Offering the possibility of attention to the community from the Medical Center of reference in Guipúzcoa for those affected by haemophilia/vWillebrand. The aim being:

  • To offer social and emotional support to the haemophiliacs/vWillebrand and their relatives.
  • To improve the social , professional and personal integration of those affected.
  • To guarantee the normalization of those affected.
  • To offer bio-psychosocial support.
  • The opening of new routes of communication in the family environment as well as the social environment of the person affected.
  • To inform on topics of interest for the community.
  • To offer formation and education in the preventive environment as well as in the therapeutic environment of those affected.
  • To create a network of support and inter-group help among those affected.
  • To offer a special social and psychological attention to people affected by the Virus of Human Immundeficiency (HIV) and the Hepatitis C virus(VHC) during the different phases of the process of the illness.
  • To optimize the relationship among the professionals implicated in the bio-psychosocial attention offered to the person affected.
  • To carry out a follow up of all the aspects of interest of the social Institutions responsible for the well-being of haemophiliac children.
  • To facilitate social advice to all the associates that might need it.
  • To encourage and to participate in recycling programmes and training for people responsible for the administration and the development of the plan of work of the Haemophilia Association of Guipuzcoa.
  • To offer the possibility of integral treatment where the bio-psychosocial and pedagogic aspects are kept in mind.

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