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April 17, " The World Haemophilia Day"

The longevity of this celebration is proof of the dedication

and tight-knit nature of our community. The theme of World

Hemophilia Day in 2020 is “Get+involved”. It’s a call to action

for everyone to help drive the WFH vision of “Treatment for all”

at the community and global level. Everyone can play a part—

from patients, family members, and caregivers, to corporate

partners, Hemophilia Treatment Centre (HTC) volunteers and

those who support their national member organization (NMO).

We want to encourage everyone to “Get+involved” and help

increase the awareness of inherited bleeding disorders and the

need to make access to adequate care possible everywhere in

the world.

Atención psicológica

Se sigue manteniendo la atención psicológica para las personas afectadas y su familiares especialmente en este tiempo de emergencia, aunque durante éste periodo es por teléfono o videollamada. Ampliamos la atención al personal sanitario que lo necesite. No dudéis en poneros en contacto con nosotros en el teléfono es 600530766

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