Organizational responsibility

The Society’s Board of Directors makes up Ashegui’s teamwork in charge of the management.

  • Javier Carrera Hernani PRESIDENT
  • Yolanda Juntas Ibarguren VICE-PRESIDENT
  • Vicente Delgado Borreguero  SECRETARY
  • Ramón Argarate Maiztegi TREASURER
  • Amaia Argarate Maiztegi VOCAL - MEMBER
  • Jose Ignacio Juez González VOCAL - MEMBER

The Board of Directors chosen by the General Assembly is the driving member and the co-ordinator of the Society functioning. The more important functions fulfilled are the following:

  1. To guarantee the Ashegui’s goals application
  2. To put into practice General Assembly’s decisions
  3. To prepare a plan of the year
  4. To organize and co-ordinate the programmed activities
  5. To negotiate the economic resources
  6. To evaluate a carried out plan and to accomplish a report
  7. To represent the Society in all the meetings and Assemblies, with privet or public Institutions and before public opinion Its own President represents the Managing Director in the Haemophilia Federation of Guipuzcoa, converging in one sole person two complementary functions: presidency and management. Ashegui states this model of working because of the lack of economic and human resources (the person in charge of these functions is altruistic). It would not be possible to achieve Ashegui's project without someone with the necessary technical preparation and a solid intrinsic motivation.

Therefore, the Managing Director is the key in the functioning of the Society. Because he reaches the application of the Society’s goals and assures that the Service offered by Ashegui keep functioning daily.

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