Oral and Maxillofacial

Oral and Maxillofacial

Donostia Hospital´s Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Service is integrated by:

The haemophiliacs’ surgical treatment is done altogether with the Haematologist Service: surgical extraction of teeth, oral mucous injury extirpation, biopsy (diagnostics by tissue taking); really the most part of surgical proceedings used.

Dental extraction surgery

It should not take dental surgery extractions lightly; it should be considered the last option. Provided that a conservative dental treatment can be done, it is preferable.

Before a surgery treatment is done, the Haematology Service examines the haemophiliacs. Depending on the severity, the haemophilia type and the value of blood coagulation factor, a prophylactic treatment will be needed. The extraction will be done with local anaesthesia, minimizing as much as possible the surgery trauma.

As bleeding post-surgical prevention local haemostatics will be used. The main risk is the bleeding and the post-surgical haematoma.

Recommendations after the extraction:

-Avoid to rinse out one’s mouth the first 24 hours

Local ice to minimize the inflammation

Take a liquid diet the first 24 hours and a soft diet the following days

First 24 hours after NO dental brush on the operated area

Sleep with bed head incorporated

Pharmacological treatment

In case of bleeding compress with a cotton or a gauze on the operated area for one hour. If it does not stop make contact with emergency room.

Caries Treatment

A Stomatologist or Odontologist must do it, as well as revisions as recommended by the professional.

Periodontal Treatment

The periodontal treatment base in a person affected with haemophilia is determinate by a prevention program based on dental hygiene dairy control as well as an Odontologist and Stomatologist control.

Dental prosthesis carrier

Often it is the result of dental loses because of the hygiene lack, treated teeth with caries at the end of their useful life due to frequent inflammations. Avoid rubbing of dental prosthesis in the mucous as well as moving.


Prevention is the main factor in oral and dental management in haemophiliacs.

Periodontal disease prevention through control with dental cleaning: toothbrush, dental floss to avoid dental problems. Also use toothpaste with fluorine, little or no sugar in the diet or refined sugar products; cakes, sweets, candies, caramels...

Avoid traumatisms, control of dental hygiene, visit the odontologist as frequent as he requires, quit treatment of caries is the best way to diminish the bleeding risk due to a maxillofacial surgery.

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